Welcome to FOTO-FLIX.com!

Foto Flix offers a way to capture the memories at your events. Our kiosks provide a fun way to allow people to snap those pictures and walk away with a print-out or Facebook link.

Call us for your next corporate event, wedding, concert or Bar/Bat Mitzvah.


How Does It Work?

One of our photographic kiosks (measuring 1.5ft square base, and 6ft height), has everything build in: touch-screen to guide user through triggering the picture taking (and capturing their mobile/email address), a large screen to cycle through pictures (on the opposite side), and a photographic printer to print those memories instantly!

And each event can have the pictures customized with your logo/brand, or a frame around the pictures.

We can also publish all the photos in public or private galleries that you can share with your attendees. Or post to your facebook page. Call us!



Coming Soon!